How To: Add a Beautiful Slide in Contact Form to WordPress


We all know that having a contact form on your site is essential for most types of website and there are a number of free and premium solutions available for adding a form to a page of your choosing. The plugin I am looking at today is a little different – it adds an attractive [...] The post How To: Add a Beautiful Slide in Contact Form to WordPress appeared first on WPLift.

Is It Maintained? Web App Monitors the Activity of Open Source Projects


If you’ve ever wondered how well an open source project is maintained, you now have a quick way to get an overview, without scouring the project’s issues queue or trying to infer something based on its release history. Is It Maintained? is a new web app that allows you to check the activity of open source projects by plugging in the URL of its public GitHub repository. In this example, we’re checking up on Varying … Check out the source»

10 Skills All WordPress Developers Should Have


23% of the internet? That can’t be right. That’s gotta be millions of websites. How come I have never heard of it then? She must be lying. Nothing can be that important and slip me by completely. This WordPress thingy must be more like a hobby. That can’t be a real job. For those who have no idea what WordPress is, being a WordPress developer must sound like a made-up job. Web designer, yes. They … Check out the source»

Truly Useful Testing for Websites (part 1)


We all love the creative part of working on a new web development project. Unfortunately, when it’s time to make sure everything’s working correctly, it’s all too easy for that enjoyment to be replaced by frustration. This post by Josh Koenig covers the benefits of implementing test automation so the robots can take on your annoying repetitive work, and you can get back to what you do best.

How to Make Money with WordPress


Most webmasters will start building websites with WordPress purely for fun; however, after a while they may want to take their hobby more seriously and look for a way to make money from their website. Now, most of you reading this will already have some basic knowledge of the WordPress platform, and we could all use a little extra cash, right? Today I want to introduce some of the best ways you can make money … Check out the source»

Nobody Cares About You Or Your Site – The WhiP #90


Hello dear reader, Comments Have Scattered to the Winds Comments pro and cons: turn on comments or shut out debate? iThemes’ Kevin D. Hendricks explores the comments debate in a fence-sitting exercise. We look at the best optin plugins for growing your email newsletter on the WPMU DEV Blog. WP Tavern’s Sarah Gooding checks out a Vagrant configuration for contributing to WordPress Meta. Exciting stuff! And 50 flat WordPress themes, because who doesn’t like scrolling through beautiful themes? Sharing is Caring … Check out the source»

Fukasawa: A Free Masonry WordPress Theme for Photographers and Collectors


WordPress theme designer Anders Norén is an unstoppable force, rolling out his ninth free theme to in just over a year. Fukasawa is a masonry theme designed to showcase the work of photographers, collectors, and visual artists. The theme is named for Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, who is both well-known and highly decorated for his influential work in designing electronics and household appliances. Design is a way of life for Fukasawa, and his … Check out the source»

A WordPress Development Process Using Sass and Compass


In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to use Sass and Compass in our WordPress theme development process. We will structure our theme stylesheets in SMACSS fashion and will leverage the power of Compass to generate image sprites for both retina and non-retina devices. Note that this article is not an introduction to Sass; however, if you are a beginner, still feel free to follow along.

A Practical Use of WordPress Global Variables


In the first article in this series, we reviewed an introduction to WordPress global variables. Specifically, we said that they are variables that hold a variety information that can be accessed from anywhere in the WordPress page lifecycle. We learned how to access a global variable and display various details about the latest post using the $post global variable. In today’s article, we will dive further into global variables by learning how to access them … Check out the source»