Behind The Scenes at CyberChimps & A Look at Their First WooCommerce Theme


CyberChimps are a premium theme company which provide a range of different themes with over 5 million downloads. They offer a number of free themes on the official directory, including the hugely popular Responsive theme which has over 1.8 million downloads to date. CyberChimps was founded by Trent Lapinsky and was recently acquired by Hummingbird The post Behind The Scenes at CyberChimps & A Look at Their First WooCommerce Theme appeared first on WPLift.

Envato Implements Item Support Policy for ThemeForest and CodeCanyon


In August of 2014, Envato announced a new initiative that would allow sellers on CodeCanyon and ThemeForest to inform buyers whether or not an item is supported. Earlier today, Envato implemented an Item Support Policy for sellers on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. When browsing items on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon, a blue badge indicates the seller provides support. There’s also a badge and text that informs potential buyers if an item is not supported. This Item is … Check out the source»

How good is Google’s new logo?


Today, Google released an update to its logo which it describes as: “simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly”. The discernibly scrappy dotcom-era style has been replaced by a simpler, geometric sans-serif, with only the famous blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red color sequence surviving. The new design is a vast improvement aesthetically, but it’s unlikely it will stand the test of time because it’s too now, too of the moment. This is Google’s 2015–2016 logo. Google is one of … Check out the source»

Building a Magical Golden Bridge from PHP to JavaScript with wp_localize_script()


wp_localize_script() lets you pass PHP variables to JavaScript. One of the great reasons to love WordPress is the number of programming tasks it makes easy. Today we’ll look at perhaps my favorite bit of WordPress magic: wp_localize_script(). As the name doesn’t imply, wp_localize_script() lets you do something very important: it lets you pass PHP variables to JavaScript. Why wp_localize_script() is Great Before we start, it’ll be really helpful if you understand the server-side/client-side (or front-end/back-end) … Check out the source»

How To Improve Your Products Through Customer Surveys


I recently started exercising again, and the gym I joined offered a free fitness assessment. I think almost every gym that offers personal training services offers one of these free assessments to all new members. They say it helps you get started at the gym, but in reality it is designed to sell you personal training. Knowing this full well, I took them up on the offer. Why? I wanted to learn something about user … Check out the source»

I’m Attending SmashingConf Barcelona 2015


One of the conferences I’ve been waiting for this year is SmashingConf Barcelona. I’m making an effort to attend as many events outside of the WordPress circuit as possible, as I feel it is valuable to open ourselves more and more to the web community at large. Since SmashingConf will be held in Barcelona this year and I am currently based here it’s a no-brainer for me to attend this one.

How to Contribute to WordPress (and Just Generally Be an Awesome Person)


If you’re a WordPress user or developer, you may be aware of the “Five for the future” concept, in which WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg has suggested that companies wanting to give something back to WordPress should dedicate 5% of their resources to contributing in some way. A number of companies have responded to this with details of how they’re already or will be contributing their 5%, including us here at WPMU DEV, humanmade, GoWP and RocketGenius, as well as plenty of … Check out the source»

The Beginners Guide to WooCommerce: Adding a New Order Part 2


In my last article I discussed the first section of Order Details when we were adding an order manually through the "Add Order" (WooCommerce > Orders > Add Order) button. Today I will be taking up the sections for Order Items, Custom Fields and Downloadable Product Permissions. Let’s see how to configure further.

50 incredible freebies for web designers, September 2015


Here we go again with another fresh set of awesome freebies for your delectation. This month you’ll find unique icons, high-resolution mockups and templates, neatly crafted HTML themes and UI kits for many purposes, crazy and stylish fonts, brand-new coding snippets and some exciting new tools. And as always, if you think we missed one of your favorite new freebies, let us know in the comments. Thin line style PSD icons set An icon set that comes … Check out the source»

Twenty Sixteen Now Available on GitHub and the WordPress Theme Directory


Twenty Sixteen, the default theme scheduled to ship with WordPress 4.4, is available for download on GitHub and the WordPress theme directory. According to Tammie Lister, Twenty Sixteen will be developed as if it were a feature plugin and will merge into WordPress core later this year. As development takes place on GitHub, changes will regularly sync up to the WordPress theme directory. By installing and activating Twenty Sixteen from the theme directory, users can … Check out the source»