Hierarchy Plugin Enhances WordPress as a CMS


WordPress 3.0 introduced the ability for developers to register their own custom post types, enabling the software to be used more easily as a CMS. Custom post types ushered in a new era that allowed plugin developers to create and organize content in a more modular way. If you’ve ever tried to explain the concept of custom post types to someone, you may have found that they are more easily understood as custom content types. … Check out the source»

WordPress 4.0.1 Exposes Bad Development Practices Used in Some Plugins


photo credit: David Glover – cc With the release of WordPress 4.0.1 less than 24 hours old, we’ve received reports of plugins breaking due to the update. For example, Cool Video Gallery is broken because of the way it handles custom shortcode attribute parsing instead of using the Shortcode API built into WordPress. Mika Epstein, who is a support forum volunteer, published a post in the support forum that explains the problem and the best … Check out the source»

The ethics of food blogging: What does nutrition really mean?


Food is one of the key requirements for our healthy existence, and ideally we just eat things that taste good and are good for us. We all have a different relationship with food owing to our cultural heritage, lifestyle, and belief systems around food, said Dr. Cathy Kapica, Certified Food Scientist and science communicator for the Institute for Food Technologists and CEO of The Awegrin Institute. Finding the right balance of foods should be a … Check out the source»

DradCast Episode 066: One line is better than no lines


Show notes: John Eckman has been working with Content Management Systems for 15 years. He is the CEO of  10up, a distributed digital agency that works with CMSs, primarily WordPress. John also started the first WordCamp Boston back in 2009. He also blogs at Open Parenthesis about topics like open source, web design, and internet culture. You can find John on Twitter @jeckman. Sippin’ on Brad – Captain Morgan Private Stock Dre – Water John- Angry Orchard Pressing topics WP … Check out the source»

CyberChimps is Looking For Investors


CyberChimps, founded by Trent Lapinski, is seeking acquisition offers. Lapinski cites the reason as becoming too big too fast. CyberChimps owns and maintains Responsive, one of the most popular themes in the WordPress theme directory. CyberChimps also maintains iFeature, another popular theme closing in on 1M downloads. The core of the business is services, paid memberships, and commercial add-ons for themes and plugins. The company has over 1M free users of its products and over … Check out the source»

How to Add Interactive Travel Maps in WordPress


Do you travel a lot? Often WordPress is used by travel bloggers to showcase their photos and share their journey with others. Now wouldn’t it be cool if you can add an interactive travel map that shows all the places you have visited and link them to your blog posts? In this article, we will show you how to add interactive travel maps in WordPress. First thing you need to do is install and activate … Check out the source»

Why You Should Include Your Developer In The Design Process


Should designers be able to code? This topic never seems to die, with its endless blog posts, Twitter discussions and conference talks. But the developer’s involvement in the design process seems to be addressed very little. This is a shame, because developers have a huge amount to add to discussions about design. The unfortunate truth is that many designers have a somewhat elitist attitude towards design. They believe that only they can come up with … Check out the source»

The Weekly WordPress News: Security Update, Why I use WooCommerce, The Freemium Model


The news is back after a short hiatus, extremely busy time for me at the moment so apologies for that! What’s been happening this week ? WordPress 4.0.1 released last night so make sure you update to the new version, this is a security release so it’s important you do so as soon as possible. The post The Weekly WordPress News: Security Update, Why I use WooCommerce, The Freemium Model appeared first on WPLift.