How To Write A Blog Post That Converts: 5 Tips for Success


Conversion is a concept that all website owners love, and yet, it alludes many. Creating content on your blog is an important part to boosting conversion, however, the reason why so many are struggling with converting traffic into customers or subscribers is because they aren’t really writing for it. What many blog owners fail to [...] The post How To Write A Blog Post That Converts: 5 Tips for Success appeared first on WPLift.

WordPress Multisite Tip: Add a Search Bar to the “My Sites” Menu


photo credit: sylvar – cc If you’re managing a multisite network where you’ve created a long list of sites, the “My Sites” menu in the admin bar can get so lengthy that it becomes difficult to navigate. 10up engineer Kailey Lampert designed an elegant solution to this problem. The My Sites Search plugin does exactly what it says on the label. Once installed, it adds a search bar to filter the “My Sites” menu in … Check out the source»

Updates to VaultPress Result In 25%-90% Faster Restore Builds


photo credit: steevithak – cc VaultPress has announced that a recent update to their backup systems have reduced the time required to build restore files by anywhere from 25%-90%. Before the change, VaultPress stored each SQL row in a separate file in its replicated file system which slowed down restore times. Before the VaultPress update, we were storing each SQL row in a separate file in our replicated filesystem. That slowed our restore times, because … Check out the source»

How to Find All Posts Using a Specific File Attachment In WordPress


In a previous article, I mentioned how WordPress doesn’t provide information to locate posts where an attachment is in use. Comments to the article indicate others are interested in having this information as well. Find Posts Using Attachment created by Sergey Biryukov, is an easy to use plugin that solves this problem. The plugin adds a Used In column to the list view in the media library as well as to the attachment details modal. … Check out the source»

What is a WordPress Widget?


If you’re new to WordPress, or just new to using widgets, you’ll appreciate Jennifer Bourn’s great explanation! In this introduction, she covers what a makes a widget a widget, where you’ll encounter them in WordPress, and what types of widgets you should consider using in your website.

Boost Sales and Customer Service by Integrating Live Chat


One of the key aspects of maximizing sales from you website is to reduce as many buyer objections as possible. Your sales copy is a great place to start, allowing you to pre-empt and dismiss any major objections. Does your product even work? Of course it does, and here are the graphs to prove it.How do I know the results are real? Well, here are ten testimonials from real users.What if it doesn’t work for … Check out the source»

Akismet Account Dashboard Gets a Major Overhaul


Akismet announced a redesign and complete update of the account dashboard today. Finding out what’s going on with your Akismet account is no longer a cryptic process thanks to the new additions to the dashboard. It now includes helpful stats and a full listing of all your active sites. Each active account links to a full page of stats that illustrate how effective Akismet has been at deterring spam recently and historically. It’s also a … Check out the source»

Being User Centric in Web Design


Web design means much more than aesthetic web pages and flamboyant features. In fact, good web design means that you focus on the requirements and needs of the end user. Thus, web design should, always, be done with user experience in mind. User-centric web design strives to achieve two objectives: It should make the website in question more usable. It should make the website in question more useful. There are many ways in which we can … Check out the source»

The WhiP Newsletter #67


Got an article you would like to see featured in The WhiP? Tweet us with the hashtag #TheWhiP. Hello dear reader, Backup, copy, clone, template Our new plugin Cloner puts another powerful site coping tool into the hands of Multisite owners. Cloner, together with Snapshot, Multisite Content Copier and New Blog Templates, provides asuite of Multisite tools that cover the bases when it comes to copying data from one site to another, even multiple, destinations. DevPress co-owner Devin … Check out the source»

Create and Manage SVG Spritemaps in the WordPress Media Library


If you try to upload an SVG in WordPress, you’ll discover that it doesn’t yet have native support for adding SVGs to the media library. However, it’s easy to add them to WordPress’ allowed mime types to remove the restriction via a plugin. Many users are eager to use SVGs, especially for logos, because of their many advantages over traditional graphics. SVGs can scale to any size without losing quality, which means they will look … Check out the source»