This Week On WPWeekly – A Roundtable Discussion On Crowdfunding


This Friday at 3PM Eastern, we’ll be joined by three individuals to discuss the topic of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is defined as “The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.” While some projects fail, others are exceedingly successful. Our guests will share their experience, lessons learned, and what they would have done differently. We’ll also discuss the impact of … Check out the source»

Top 3 Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Themes


The WordPress themes market is huge. Big players such as StudioPress, Elegant Themes, ThemeFuse, and WooThemes, just to name a few, dominate as top premium theme sellers. Alongside these dedicated studios are thousands of independent designers developing themes for public release in WordPress theme marketplaces. In this post we’ll be looking at three of the most popular marketplaces for selling themes. We’ll discover more about how each of them work and what’s offered for buyers and sellers. ThemeForest … Check out the source»

WordPress Developers Organize Community Initiative to Standardize Custom Post Types, Taxonomies, and Metadata


photo credit: rosswebsdale – cc A WordPress community initiative is underway to standardize content types used by plugin developers. Justin Tadlock is spearheading an initiative to create WordPress community-curated standards for common post types, taxonomies, and metadata. WordPress developers are invited to join the discussion taking place in the Content Type Standards repo on Github where Tadlock outlined the objective: “The purpose of this repository is to create an open set of standards for the … Check out the source»

3 Simple WordPress SEO Hacks That Most People Don’t Think About


Hacking is such a dirty word. I think of hacking and two things come to mind. Someone or something getting chopped to bits, or some random dude trying to break in my digital backdoor to steal my info. Both visuals are unsettling. But let’s take a step back… Are hacks or hacking the system all [...] The post 3 Simple WordPress SEO Hacks That Most People Don’t Think About appeared first on WPLift.

Create an Awesome WordPress Site for Your Portfolio


It has become essential for creative professionals today to showcase their work in an online format. Whether you’re a writer, graphic/web designer, photographer, or illustrator, you need somewhere to point people who are interested in hiring you. The hiring process is continuously moving more onto the web, and having work on your own website will speak to your digital awareness, entrepreneurial spirit, and artistic abilities. While creating your own portfolio site may seem daunting, WordPress … Check out the source»

WordPress JSON REST API Plugin 1.1.1 Security Release: Update Recommended


photo credit: Ravages – cc The JSON REST API plugin for WordPress released a security update over the weekend. Version 1.1.1 includes a fix for a vulnerability wherein the JSONP support built-in to the API could be used to serve up arbitrary Flash SWF files. This technique has known been used in the past to abuse JSON endpoints to allow Flash files to bypass browser cross-origin domain policies. WordPress core already has CSRF protection, but … Check out the source»

The WhiP Newsletter #51


Got an article you would like to see featured in The WhiP? Tweet us with the hashtag #TheWhiP. Happy Monday, dear reader! Are you a front end developer? Come work with us! Check out our blog for all the details and fill in an application form. JSON Rest API version 1.1.1. Developer Ryan McCue, who has been working on the plugin, says this security release affects users running WP API on a domain with other (non-WordPress) software running. New GravityView app. Developers … Check out the source»

Group Content Together to Create a Series or Course of Posts


If you ever publish content on your website that is written as part of a series or course, then the free Simple Course Creator plugin is a great way to group that content together into an easy to navigate series. The plugin adds a new taxonomy to your site titled “Courses” which joins the default WordPress category and tag taxonomies. The Simple Course Creator then displays a list of the other posts in the same … Check out the source»

How Limitations Led To My Biggest App Store Success and Failure


Look at your calendar. If you’re anything like me, all you see are meetings, places to go, things to do, people to meet and not a lot of white space. Few people love their calendar. So, we set out to change that, and we learned a lot in the process. Our app is an iPhone app that flips your calendar upside down and lets you focus on the free time in your day, instead of … Check out the source»