Udemy Course Review: Learn How to Create a WordPress eCommerce Store from Scratch


Just as WordPress democratized online publishing, allowing anyone to share their thoughts and ideas online for free in just a few clicks, Udemy aims to do the same with online learning. This growing eLearning platform allows anyone to register as an instructor and then upload their own course, on pretty much any topic. As you The post Udemy Course Review: Learn How to Create a WordPress eCommerce Store from Scratch appeared first on WPLift.

New Theme Development Company Makes First Sale Minutes After Being Approved on ThemeForest


Warriors Of Code is a new WordPress theme development shop in Australia. An employee who goes by the name Genesisfan on Reddit, published a post explaining how the company recently had its first theme accepted on ThemeForest and was willing to answer questions others had about the experience. According to the post, he spent the better part of six months with a designer he hired while working a full-time job developing Broadsword. BroadSword Single Page … Check out the source»

Ninja Forms 2.9 Ships With Major Performance Improvements


Ninja Forms 2.9 is available and features an improved user experience along with major performance enhancements. One of the biggest performance problems 2.9 solves is handling large forms. Prior to 2.9, users had to edit a php.ini file to handle the increased amount of server resources needed to process long forms, something many shared webhosts don’t allow. According to Kevin Stover, lead developer of Ninja Forms, 2.9 not only solves this problem, but the form … Check out the source»

BuddyPress 2.3 Development Kicks Off, Contributors Prioritize Work on New APIs


The BuddyPress 2.3 development cycle is now in full swing, following a successful 2.2.1 maintenance release that broke the plugin’s one-day download record with more than 10,000 downloads in just 24 hours. More minor fixes are on deck for inclusion in the forthcoming 2.2.2 release. This week contributors identified priorities for new features and improvements to work on for the 2.3 development cycle. Updates to BuddyPress’ existing APIs and work on the following new APIs … Check out the source»

FCC ruling on net neutrality: the winners, the losers, and what this means


I recently wrote an article here on Torque discussing my thoughts on net neutrality and the possible outcomes of the recent vote by the FCC. Now that the FCC has voted, let’s turn our attention to the winners and losers from the new rules. Winners In short, the vote was the FCC’s way of saying “no soup for you” to parties interested in throttling Internet traffic and to the proponents of pay-to-play fast lanes on the … Check out the source»

15 WordPress hacks busy bloggers will love


“I don’t have time.” “I’m too busy.” “I would love to but. . .” If you recognize yourself in the above sentences—Congratulations!—you are running a blog or website and have discovered that, as rewarding as it is, it also requires a lot of work. Who knew that creating something that you are proud of, or pouring your heart and expertise into a project, or sharing amazing content takes more than half an hour out of your … Check out the source»

Upfront: Structuring Your Site with Regions


When it comes to laying out a site with Upfront, regions provide the building blocks you need to create everything from fullscreen and full width headers to contained sections, sidebars and footers. Regions form the background on top of which everything else – images and text, video and sliders – can be built. In today’s post we’ll look at how to delete and insert regions, the various types of regions available, and global headers and footers. This … Check out the source»



Free, beautiful, CC-licensed photography. Just a warning: It’s not searchable, and what’s on there is what there is. But definitely worth knowing about if you need something beautifully photographed on your site for $Free.99!

Free download: 450 outline icons


There’s no such thing as too many icon sets, especially when you can download the awesome Lynny Icons, completely free of charge. Lynny Icons are outline icons, which are both modern, and friendly. Outline icons work perfectly with minimal design and are a great way of bringing your sites and apps up to date easily. The files are supplied in .ai, .eps, and .png format, and are free for personal and commercial use. Intended to be … Check out the source»

Interesting Tricks to Conceal the Truth That You Are Using WordPress


WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms because it is not only free but it has a sufficiently large community, which is flexible, powerful enough to cater the varied requirements of website developers and owners. However, with the bundle of benefits associated with this platform comes a major drawback as well, which is the website’s security concern that runs on WordPress. This is simply due to the fact that the websites running … Check out the source»