Sprout Apps Launches Free WordPress Invoicing Plugin


Last month, Sprout Apps announced that it would soon be launching a suite of business apps targeted at WordPress freelancers and small businesses. While the company is still in pre-launch operations, Sprout Invoices was just released on WordPress.org as part of the launch plan. Dan Cameron, the founder of Sprout Apps, believes there are some distinct advantages to managing common business-related tasks in the admin. The Sprout Apps product suite aims to streamline and brand … Check out the source»

The Hidden Savings Of a WordCamp Ticket


When we wrote about tickets going on sale for the first ever PodsCamp, some folks commented that $50 was too much for a one day event, especially when compared to a WordCamp. I agree with Sarah Pressler who said, “WordCampers are spoiled by the $20-40 fees associated with WordCamps.” To see how spoiled the WordPress community is in having the WordPress Foundation, WordCamp Central pillar sponsors, and Multi-Event Sponsors foot most of the bill for WordCamps, … Check out the source»

Saga: A Free WordPress Theme for Writers from Theme Hybrid


When Theme Hybrid launched its Stargazer theme, the idea of a design-specific parent theme that would provide limitations landed in stark contrast to the super generic, all-encompassing themes that permeate the market. You’ve probably seen themes marketed as “the last WordPress theme you’ll ever need.” They kinds of themes purport to have so much flexibility that they can be suitable for any kind of website. Stargazer was launched as the exact opposite. Justin Tadlock is … Check out the source»

A Crash Course in AJAX for WordPress


Fred and I were just talking the other day about how initially-confusing the way you do Ajax requests in WordPress was to us. Both of us, completely independently, encountered a plugin we were trying to understand, knew was using Ajax, and couldn’t for the life of us tell how. It’s just not obvious when you’re new to all the concepts involved. And if you’re unsure what Ajax does, or even means, have no fear. We’ll … Check out the source»

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 3.0 Released with New Community Website


Version 3.0 of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate was released today. The open source project was started in 2011 by Tom McFarlin as a GitHub repository for storing code while he learned plugin development. Over the past three years, the boilerplate has matured beyond his expectations with the help of 39 contributors. It now has more than 1800 stars on GitHub and a brand new logo and website. What’s New in 3.0? The 3.0 release constitutes … Check out the source»

Opus Theme Review: A Multi-Purpose WordPress Business Theme


Opus is a WordPress theme by PremiumCoding, developers who boast an impressive catalogue of premium WordPress themes, WooCommerce themes, plugins and flash elements. It is another theme in the line of themes which boast huge amounts of features, customization options, layouts, a page builder and so on. These themes are proving hugely popular on ThemeForest [...] The post Opus Theme Review: A Multi-Purpose WordPress Business Theme appeared first on WPLift.

Building A Simple Cross-Browser Offline To-Do List With IndexedDB And WebSQL


Making an application work offline can be a daunting task. In this article, Matthew Andrews, a lead developer behind FT Labs, shares a few insights he had learned along the way while building the FT application. Matthew will also be running a “Making It Work Offline” workshop1 at our upcoming Smashing Conference in Freiburg in mid-September 2014. — Ed. We’re going to make a simple offline-first to-do application2 with HTML5 technology. Here is what the app … Check out the source»

Unit Tests for WordPress Plugins – An Introduction


If you’ve started developing your own WordPress plugins, you’ll want to make sure you that they’re performing the way you actually intended before you put them to use. This tutorial from Pippin’s Plugins is a great introduction to why unit tests are valuable, what you can use them for, and how to begin writing testable code.

Think Your App Is Beautiful? Not Without User Experience Design


Lately, every app is “beautiful”. If you read tech news, you’ve seen this pageant: Beautiful charts and graphs1. Beautiful stories2. Beautiful texting3. Beautiful notebooks4. Beautiful battery information5. Aspiring to beauty in our designs is admirable. But it doesn’t guarantee usability, nor is it a product or marketing strategy. Like “simple” and “easy” before it, “beautiful” says very little about the product. How many people, fed up with PowerPoint, cry out in frustration, “If only it … Check out the source»

Guest Edited WhiP Is Annoying – The WhiP #75


Aloha & Welcome to a Bran Nue Day at the WhiP, this week mystery-guest-edited-for-your-entertainment. So, prepare yourself for missed days, sporadic delivery times, poor spelling, worse punctuation and a general drop in quality… hurrah! So elegant? So intelligent? Go on, tell me it hasn’t piqued you interest that Elegant themes have been stepping up the posting game like a nine year old prepping for Xmas pressies. Vast numbers of new authors (happily, many being of … Check out the source»